Creating Vanity Ethereum Wallet Addresses on macOS M1 with Profanity


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Creating Vanity Ethereum Wallet Addresses on macOS M1 with Profanity

Update: Please don't use profanity to generate your wallet address. If you have any funds inside wallet that generated by vanity please move it ASAP. There is vulnerability that allows hacker to get private key of the wallet.

If you're into Ethereum and fancy having a vanity wallet address, this tutorial is for you! We'll use Profanity on a macOS M1 machine to generate a personalized Ethereum wallet address. Let's jump in!

Step 1: Setting Up Your Environment

  • Enable Rosetta: Ensure that Rosetta is enabled in your preferred terminal. This is crucial for compatibility on M1 Macs.

Step 2: Cloning and Building Profanity

  1. Clone the Profanity Repository:

    • Open your terminal and execute:

        git clone
        cd profanity/
  2. Build Profanity:

    • In the profanity directory, run:

  3. Verify the Build:

    • Make sure the build was successful by running:

    • You should see usage instructions and options for Profanity.

Step 3: Generating Your Vanity Wallet Address

  • Run Profanity:

    • Now, use Profanity to generate a vanity wallet address. For example:

        ./profanity.x64 --matching badXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXbad


DONE! You've successfully used Profanity to create a vanity Ethereum wallet address on your macOS M1.

Important Note

  • Security Warning: As of the latest information, it's important to be aware of vulnerabilities in Profanity. Before using it, please check the most recent security advisories and updates related to the tool. There was a vulnerability disclosed which can be found here.

  • Repository: You can find Profanity on GitHub.

Enjoy your personalized Ethereum experience!