Hi there! 👋

My name is pyk, and I'm a smart contract engineer.

Current status

  • Work: Currently going all-in on risedle
  • Memes: Follow me on 𝕏
  • Code: Fork my code on github

Latest projects

Mostly, I focus on smart contract and backend development.

Check out my latest projects:

I've also been hired to write smart contracts for these NFTs:

My tools

I use the following tools on a daily basis:

  • Social: Twitter, Discord & Apple Mail
  • Devices: MacBook Pro 14 M2 & iMac M1
  • Code editor: VSCode
  • Code collaboration: GitHub
  • Note-taking app: Apple Notes
  • Terminal: Alacritty
  • Fullstack development: Node.js & TypeScript
  • Smart contract development: forge & cast
  • Cloud services: Railway, Fly.io, TinyBird & Supabase

I do own NFTs

Check out my favourite NFTs: