Solving the "error: driver: bad connection in line 0" Issue in golang-migrate ClickHouse


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Solving the "error: driver: bad connection in line 0" Issue in golang-migrate ClickHouse

Hello! Today, I ran into an interesting challenge while working on schema migrations for a new ClickHouse Cloud service using golang-migrate. Let me walk you through the issue and how I resolved it.

The Problem

While running migrations with the following command:

migrate -database "clickhouse://[redacted]" -path src/clickhouse/migrations up

I encountered this error:

error: driver: bad connection in line 0: SHOW TABLES FROM "default" LIKE 'schema_migrations'

Confident in my connection details, I tested the connection using clickhouse-client:

docker run --rm -it clickhouse/clickhouse-server:24 clickhouse-client --host [redacted] --port 9440 --password

And it worked perfectly, proving the host, port, username, and password were correct.

ClickHouse Database directory appears to contain a database; Skipping initialization
ClickHouse client version (official build).
Password for user (default): 
Connecting to [redacted] as user default.
Connected to ClickHouse server version 24.0.2.

ClickHouse server version is older than ClickHouse client. It may indicate that the server is out of date and can be upgraded.

 * Obsolete setting ['use_mysql_types_in_show_columns'] is changed. Please check 'SELECT * FROM system.settings WHERE changed AND is_obsolete' and read the changelog at

clickhouse-cloud :) SELECT 1;


Query id: 674e1446-61a4-460b-8e3e-7d14da0cac3c

│ 1 │

1 row in set. Elapsed: 0.001 sec. 

clickhouse-cloud :) Bye.

The Root Cause

After some digging and trial and error, I realized the issue was quite simple: I had initially forgotten to include secure=true in my migration command. This flag is crucial for ensuring the connection is established securely, especially when dealing with cloud services that require encrypted connections.

The Solution

Once I added secure=true to the migration command:

migrate -database "clickhouse://[redacted]" -path src/clickhouse/migrations up

The migrations ran smoothly without any errors:

1/u create_ethereum_uniswap_v2_PairCreated_table (500.720042ms)
2/u create_jobs_table (1.122497042s)
12/u create_ethereum_uniswap_v2_Sync_table (5.74034575s)


It's fascinating how a small oversight like missing secure=true can lead to hours of troubleshooting. Always double-check your connection strings and flags when working with database migrations, especially in cloud environments where security settings like SSL/TLS encryption are mandatory.

I hope this helps anyone else facing similar issues.